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Introduction to the Course




Digital Marketing- Introduction to Digital Marketing The Basic of Digital Marketing
(Categories of DM)
Google My Business example, Starbucks mobile app example


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing - Keywords and Tools
(SEO best practices, keyword categories, search ad creation, keywords identification)
SEO performance, Google AdWords - Keyword Planner;
Google Webmaster - Search Console;
Answer The Public - Keyword Planner;
SEO - Google My Business NakedFashions, Checklist;
Google Analytics - Report Types 


Understanding Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Chapter 1
(Concepts in SMM, role of marketer in SM, types of online influencer)
Chapter 16 (More on influencers, influencers tools )

SMM - concepts, strategies cases & mishaps; Online marketing - terms definition and concepts;
ICIS paper - SM marketing best practices;
Online influencer tools - Alexa, LittleBird, Buzzsumo


Social Media Marketing (SMM): Competitors Analysis & Tools

Chapter 2
(Searching for consumers, persona identification, online competitor analysis tools)

Social Media Competitor Analysis - Google TrendsSimilarweb, Alexa;

Social Media Dashboard Apps - Fanpage KarmaSocialBaker

 Social Listening - BoardReader Buzzsumo


SMM: Role in Marketing Funnel, and SMM Tactics

Chapter 3
(Marketing funnel)

RSS doc or Web Feed - feedly;
Peer-to-peer Marketing - AddThis n ShareThis


SMM Campaigns: Types, Roadmap & Tools

Chapter 4 
(SMM campaign types, campaign roadmap)

SM strategy tools (content creation, curation & automation, engagement);
Brand monitoring & consumer insights - Crimson, Hootsuite & Social mention;


*An Example of Social Media Marketing Plan

Basic of marketing - An Example of SMM Plan, Marketing plan;
Data science + marketing: An analysis of SMM activities on Facebook - impact of paid and organic media   (https://public.tableau.com/profile/celeste.ng#!/)


Hands-on Experience  Report Discussions
(Go to: http://celesteng.mis.yzu.edu.tw/im238/; click on "Group project" on the left)
Basic of marketing - Marketing, advertising vs. sales An Example of SMM Plan,  An Example of Digital Marketing Strategy Plan, Marketing Plan;
Video Campaign Roadmap;


No exam & no class – Submit a report    
10 Finding the Right Social Media Platform Chapter 6
(Select platform - factors to consider)
Social media platforms growth in Taiwan - 2018 report; Social media marketing campaign - examples
Facebook apps development (https://developers.facebook.com/)


Exploring SMM Strategies for Facebook

Chapter 7
(Facebook basics)

Facebook 2018 statistics;
Facebook Event, Offer, Live, Lucky draw;

Facebook various brands app (frogtoon, Glassdoor);
Facebook cover photo tool - fotojet


Creating a YouTube Strategy Chapter 9
(YouTube marketer's job, viral video characteristics & planning considerations)
YouTube 2018 statistics;
YouTube Top Ad 2017;
YouTubers Top 10 in Taiwan;
Examples of Brand’s YouTube Video - Brand Personality, Image and Brand Story  (品牌故事);  
Brand Commerce & Lifecycle Marketing Model;
YouTube banner
maker tool - fotojet


Delving  into Instagram for Business

Chapter 14

(IG vs. Pinterest vs. Tumblr, story categories, get found - hashtag tools)

IG 2018 statistics; Fortune 500 IG usage;

IG Marketing Strategy - Hashtag tools:

(Talkwalker - social mentions, sentiment, influencer;

RiteTag - hash tag suggestions;

Iconosquare (similar to SocialBaker) - IG n FB performance);
Selling on IG - shoppable posts & privacy policy;
IG Stories for Business


Digital Advertising - Online Ad Basic types of online ad;
Online ad - definition, delivery methods/types, business model, benefits & concerns
Online advertising, Online advertising basic - venues n tools, Social media and advance targeting advertising & hands-on
15 Digital Advertising -Mobile Ad & Social Media Mobile ad in various popular social media sites;
Mobile ad - basics, types, business models, targeting criteria
Mobile ad & social media;
Mobile advertising;
Mobile App - an example of NakedFashions
16 Content Marketing Basic of marketing strategy - Content marketing: best practice, tools (Answer the Public, Buzzsumo, Content Idea Generator);

Writing content, Top 20 Social Content;

Sharing / Curation Social Sharing Dimensions, Feedly - a tool;

Content creation – Animation (GoAnimate, PowToon), Icon & Image, Video (converter, apps), Special Effect (Ripl & PicPlay)

17 Hands-on Experience  Report Discussions
(Go to: http://celesteng.mis.yzu.edu.tw/im238/; click on "Group project" on the left)
18 No exam & no class – Submit a report    
  Identifying Your  Online Influencers & Tools

Chapter 16

SM strategy tools – Influencer Tools

  Practicing SMM on Your Website

Chapter 17


Becoming an Authentic and Engaged Advertiser: Social Advertising & Tools

 Chapter 18 Facebook Ad – politics cases, sponsored stories, ad policies and format
  Building an SMM Mobile Campaign Chapter 19   
  Social Media Governance and Tools Chapter  22 PACIS Paper - SM governance SOP;
engagement, reward;





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